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Core Features

The right fit for small (and not-so-small) wineries.

Our goal at Ingio was to make a no-compromises package that will get your winery up to speed as quickly and easily as possible. The Ingio system is a powerful package with a full range of useful configuration options. We used our experience with a variety of wineries to configure a best-practices model that will get your winery operational in a matter of hours. Core features include vinBalance accounting/production and vinCharge POS/Wine Club.

Even though fully configured, the system is not locked down. You can adjust the configuration to match the specific needs of your operations.

Here is what you get:

  • The full feature set. Look at the features, sample screens and sample reports to get a feel for the power of the Ingio system. Contact us for samples of any of the hundreds of reports or for an on-line demo with real data.

  • Simple hardware needs. The Microsoft SQL Express data engine can run on any computer on your network and be shared by all users. The hardware requirements are modest. In most cases the computer already at your desk will work just fine. POS hardware is industry standard. We can recommend a typical Dell POS configuration.

  • Pre-built user security. A basic configuration includes three user logins (Owner-Admin, Office and Point of Sale). Menu security is already configured and ready to go. Each user sees the menu options for their job title and you can even customize user menus when you wish.

  • On-Line Help and Videos Push the F1 key anytime for extensive, detailed on-screen help. On-line videos give you everything you need to know in bite-sized pieces. Working with vendor set-up for the first time today? Learn easily, at your desk with a five minute video. Go back for a refresher any time.

  • Knowledgeable support. We have done our best to make our help files and videos answer every possible question. But if you need some extra help, you can count on answers from experienced people who communicate in your language.

  • An up-to-date system.Ingio constantly updates with new features and functions. Annual updates are available as part of the monthly support package.

  • Room to grow. The Microsoft SQL Express data engine supports a database size up to 10gb. That can easily support the needs of a 25,000 case winery. When you outgrow that, move up the the full Microsoft SQL Database engine and our advanced features. Your move will be seamless without the need to re-train users or go through a major data conversion.

  • Room to grow your people. When your needs grow beyond a few users, you can economically add full featured users with access to every aspect of the Ingio system that you wish to allow. There are no multiple per-module charges.



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