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The Ingio system provides ease of use and power in a modern interface.
These are a few samples of the hundreds of clear, information packed screens
you will find.

The Ingio system automatically maintains detailed barrel contents and a full content history: 

Scr barrel

Accurately apply costs by warehouse and product category.
Use volume or dollar based cost distributions: 

Scr cost dist

Administer special pricing with ease on a customer by customer basis: 

scr cust price

One step records inventory and equipment used in each cellar operation: 

scr inv use

Automatic calculation of losses and gains for simple reporting: 

scr loss gain

User defined sales types make tax reporting a snap:  

scr sales type 

Oak use schedules that accurately measure oak costs:  

scr oak cost

Multiple pricing options let you tailor pricing to market demands:  

scr price

Simple step-by-step entry of every cellar operation:  

scr step

Point of sale touch screen is clear, fast and easy to train. 

scr pos touch

Cash balance is a breeze at day end.  

scr cash balance

Set up sophisticated date based pricing for easy specials and events.  

scr step

Wine club shipments are easy with a smart pre-shipment check.  

scr step

Multiple configuration options for every wine club customer.  

scr step

Every wine club shipment is fully defined in a complete template.  

scr step

Would you like a sample of some other screen?
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